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Own your next current model year to 4 year old preowend vehicle with a factory warranty for up to thousands less…  you handle 1-3, we handle 4-10.

********** Before Contacting us, please do the following **********

Know all details of your vehicle from item #3 down below, especially mileage
Know the Kelley Blue Book Retail price of your vehicle (based on details of #3)
Budget for insurance, sales tax, dealer fees, registration, and transportation
Based on the above, your cash or financing must be approved & available now

Please download the free ShowMyPC free app from the website so we can screen share all information with you…

********** The Process **********

1.     Perform an online search for vehicles that best suit your needs, keeping in mind vehicle-specific details listed under Step #3

*      Use for vehicle reviews and True Cost to Own
*      Use for model year changes (use the Cars link)
*      Use for trade-in and retail pricing information

2.     Consult new car dealer web sites,, and to establish actual market prices, again, keeping vehicle-specific details from Step #3 in mind… if you wish, visit car dealerships, test drive their vehicles, get their best written price, but don’t agree to purchase before calling us…

3.     Send us an email with specific details about your vehicle of interest, including exact year, make, model, trim, and the following:

a.  2 Wheel Drive / 4 Wheel Drive / All Wheel Drive
b.  2 Door / 4 Door / Convertible / Hatchback / Wagon
c.  Trucks – Regular Cab / Extended Cab / Crew Cab
d.  Trucks – Long Bed or Short Bed
e.  Trucks, SUV, and Vans – 1/2 Ton / 3/4 Ton/ 1 Ton
f.  SUV, and Vans – 5 Passenger / 7 Passenger or More Seating
g.  Gas / Electric / Hybrid/ Diesel Engine
h.  Exact Engine Size
i.  With or Without Turbos
j.  Automatic/ Manual / CVT transmission
k.  Mileage Range (While Staying Under Warranty 3Yrs / 36K mi. or 4Yrs / 50k mi.)
l.  Color Combinations – buyer must agree to either black, white, or silver as an alternate exterior color option with standard interior fabrics and colors

*** We cannot help you unless you know all of the above details before contacting us… ***

4.     We will perform a nationwide search of dealer only auctions and screen share results
5.     We will send you an authentic auction condition report so you can become familiar with the process
6.     If you decide to move forward, we will settle on a dealer mark-up and furnish you with an Agreement
7.     Upon return of the Agreement, we will conduct your search and find several vehicles to suit your needs
8.     We will furnish you with free condition reports and bid in your behalf until success is achieved
9.     We will complete all necessary paperwork to transfer ownership
10.   After the transaction is settled, we will contact you to make delivery arrangements

The following buyer protection measures insure your satisfaction:

A.     Free – Detailed auction condition reports
B.     Free – Auto Check vehicle history reports
C.     Free – If the vehicle is in Southern California or Las Vegas, Nevada, we will physically inspect the vehicle
D.     Optional – You are welcome to hire an impartial 3rd party to physically inspect the vehicle prior to bidding
E.     Optional – Deal Shield protection entitles the Seller to return the vehicle to the auction, no questions asked
F.     Optional – Post-Sale Inspections are provided by auctions to insure against mechanical or structural damage

With respect to items A, D, E and F above, Buyer and Seller will abide by the selling auction’s rules, and Buyer will be
furnished with an electronic copy of said rules at least 24 hours prior to any bidding.

Las Vegas Residents Only:  If you have a vehicle to trade, we’ll offer you top dollar for it, simply click the Vehicle Request button in the navigation bar across the top of this page.  If you’re upside down on your trade, we’ll pay off your old loan and add the difference to your new loan, possibly at a lower interest rate.  If you need financing, we can get you pre-approved, simply click the Credit Application link above.

For questions or comments, please call or text 702-767-8788, and thanks for the opportunity to earn your business.

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